Because St. John is a privately funded school, we do charge tuition.

St. John Lutheran School is funded partially by St. John Ev. Lutheran Church.  Part of the offerings given to St. John Ev. Lutheran Church fund the operation of St. John Lutheran School.  It is for this reason that members of St. John Ev. Lutheran Church who send their children to St. John Lutheran School 
receive a tuition break.  It is encouraged that their offerings to church will make up (or come close to) the difference on the tuition break. Tuition for members of St. John is currently $900.

The non-member tuition rate at St. John is $2500.  This is still substantially less than what it costs to educate each child at St. John which is $4500 - $5000.  This means that the members of St. John Lutheran Church are subsidizing the remaining $2000 - $2500 that it costs to educate the non-member students of St. John Lutheran School.  St. John congregation is happy to do this and hopes that it will be a blessing that reaches many families.

K3/K4 tuition is separate from K-8 tuition. There is not a member tuition rate for the Preschool program.  Please see the K3/K4 Information page on the website for Preschool tuition information.


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