St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church


Join Us for Worship on Facebook Live on Sundays at 9:30am until further notice
Additional Services

11:00 am WOCO Radio 1260 AM & 107.1 FM  WELS Taped Service

Lenten Service   

2:00 pm Wednesday 04/01/2020 Live streamed on FaceBook

Please refer to our Facebook page for updates, devotions, and live-streamed services 

Here is the link to the church youtube channel where you can find all videos that will be posted on the church facebook page as well. 
Here is the link to youtube for Sunday's abbreviated service 3/22/2020
 Here is the link to the Wednesday's service 3/25/2020
Here is the link to Sunday's service 3/29/2020


Offerings:  Members wanting to give their offering to the Church can do it in the following ways:

1.  E-Giving (see tab on the Web Site)
2.  Mail your Offering to the Church (N1904 Church Rd Peshtigo WI 54157)
3.  Bring your Offering to the Church Office (at the School) and leave it in the Offering Lock Box at the following times:  Starting on 3/22/2020  (Sunday 10:30-12:00, Wednesday 8:00-12:00 or Thursday 8:00 to 12:00)

If you stop in at the office during these times you can pick up devotion materials and visit with Pastor if you want.

Warning!  There is a scam where people are sending messages asking for help or money saying they are Rev. Daniel Sagent.  This is called A Spoofing Name Scam.  Please be aware and only retun calls or messages to Pastor's number.

See this link for more information:


Daily Devotion

» The Resurrection and the Life – March 31, 2020

» A Glorious Plan – March 30, 2020

» Truly Unbreakable – March 29, 2020

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